Vibrational Voting

What in the world does voting have to do with vibration? Well, just about everything. First, let’s talk about the basic vote. What is a vote? According to, it is a formal expression of opinion or choice made by an individual or body of individuals. Mainly we associate voting with picking who will lead or govern our socialized groups. And what are the first thoughts we mere mortals usually have when we hear the word vote? Of course, politics, elections, and stress. Yes, stress.

According to a survey by the APA (American Psychological Association), at least 52% of Americans said elections “are a very or somewhat significant” source of stress. If we feel this much stress around elections, it seems we are investing heavily in our emotional fields. If you have followed any of my work, then you know I am so happy now to dive right into the vibrational field and the emotional connection.

Our emotions are magnetic vibrational frequencies. We are electromagnetic beings. Our thoughts are electrical frequencies sending out signals, and our emotions are the magnetic frequencies drawing experiences back into our path. So what is emotionalizing in our voting
process? Should we only be on an intellectual quest? Only derive our decisions from facts and knowledge we find scouring through offered-up information presented to support our preferred viewpoints? Is this a more stress-free option? Could we actually do this? I think not.

The things we tend to vote on are relevant to our very being, our way of life, and our constructs of human interaction. Our emotions are very much involved in all the spaces we are offered to express our opinion or choice formally. These decisions affect how our societal system functions. They determine how our finances are handled, and our schools operate, our social groups function, our businesses operate, how our kids’ programs are carried out, how our Homeowners Associations (HOA) govern, and how our laws are made and enforced. Our whole existence, in one way or many are affected by what we vote in and out of our experiences.

With these aspects and many more, it is easy to see and understand that our emotions play a huge part in our voting process. These decisions will affect us, our kids, and generations to come. Our emotions are very personal, and these topics are very personal. Unfortunately, sometimes we tend to get more caught up in the emotional aspect and disregard the intellectual part.

Good balance comes into play. Paying attention and bringing awareness to our emotions will allow us to process them and understand why we feel them instead of instantaneous reactions that often lead to misunderstandings, harsh interactions, and more. Combining the brainy part of facts, knowledge, and information with the impact those have on our emotions is a great balancing act that typically will lead to a more authentic decision. So our vibrational field is an undeniable part of our voting process.

Our issues that require voting are emotionally charged and, therefore, can render a range of emotional and physical reactions. Since stress is so very prevalent within our decision-making, and stress is very damaging to our physical and emotional bodies, I recommend taking some self-care measures into serious consideration. These measures will help you not only reduce the stress that many report feeling but will also help to maintain a clearer path of balance for you to bring awareness to your emotions and space to process them for a more authentic decision.

1. Taking a break to breathe. We often do not take deep breaths to fill our lungs, improve our circulation (which will help with brain power), and relax our muscles.
2. Let go of self-judgment. Understand you have permission to feel your feelings and not suppress them for the sake of others. Feel them, sit with them, and become friends.
3. Journal your thoughts and feelings. The power of writing them down can be so very therapeutic and releasing.
4. Take a nap. Naps do body and mind, and soul good.
5. Listen to your favorite music. Sing, dance, or just enjoy.
6. Meditation can be in many forms. YouTube videos are plenty. Music is meditation, dance, walking in nature, napping, and many more.

Stay informed, stay healthy and always be a Vibrational Badass! You can visit my website to get more information about your vibrational field and how you interact with the world around you in my Amazon best-selling book:
“Vibrational Badassery: Beginner’s Guide”

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M. LaRae, M. Sc. 

Metaphysician, Author, and Motivational Speaker, 

M. LaRae is passionate about helping others understand their vibrational field. Specializing in Quantum Reset, she guides you to realizing your energetic potential and unleashing your Vibrational Badassery. Your life is yours to create, and she wants to help you create it your way. 



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