Time and tide wait for no man.

– Geoffrey Chaucer


My 15 year old nephew has a T-shirt

It reads, “Fear No Wave”.

It made me think what I am afraid of

We all like still waters

Where nothing hardly moves

It just quietly flows

Water makes a sound

When moving to a lower plane from a higher one

It is all in the creativity.


A waterfall makes cloudy mist

The touch of minutely broken down water

That is soothing on a summer day

And piercing on a cold one.


A pond for instance is stagnant compared to a lot of other water bodies

And home to dragonflies, frogs and fishes

Which when thrown a stone into

Sends waves of ripple throughout their homeland

All the way to the edges of the tall grass growing on the sides.


A fountain shoots the water high up with help of mechanical pumps

And falls back around its source

It rises in beauty and falls in grace

Making waves of creativity

Waves make certain objects float and sink some

But they never melt them

Waves take the shape of their force

Waves controlled by the lunar energy

The moon which has no light of its own

Borrowing that of the Sun.


The droplets of rain as they pour over and drip down our bodies

Giving us a sensation that of a lover’s touch.


Bubbles filled with the energy of nothingness – the air

Waves and the air around it

Waves and the shape of the air around it

They move in harmony

And ultimately burst.


A stream of water that pushes itself around the stones while smoothening their rough edges

Again flowing from a slopier region to a lower one

We fall from a taller place called euphoria

To a smaller darker place

Sending waves across our soul onto the bodies that surround us

These waves were over relationships that were meant to be short live

These waves stumble upon mothers looking out for their kids on the horizon

Rising over the sun or settling below it

They knock over relatives who think they have known us all their lives

These waves challenge friends to hold hands

As we fall back they hold our gentle souls

Waves that cover you like a blanket

Letting all your insecurities floating around

And God holds us with his halo tube so we don’t drown

The coast guard patrols around hovering in a helicopter over these wet waves.


Waves just dazzle as the sun rays strike them

Making them look like liquid frills of gold

The ripples, the mist, the droplets and dew drops

Create waves to take us to the next higher place

So once again we can flow into our lower selves

And once again the sun basks its glory to lift us

Up in steam and evaporates us taking us to our taller planks

So we can slide down the course of nature again.


Cold waves refresh us

Warm waves soothe

They lift us what we call with the buoyancy force

Waves surround themselves around us

Waves come and go

They wash us

They move us

They bathe us, purify us

They wet us

They clean us, baptize us

They knock us over

They push and pull us

But waves don’t melt us.

– Pratik Mamtora, Managing Editor

Pratik Mamtora was born & raised in India. He has lived in London, United Kingdom for three years & absolutely loved it there. Pratik has a Bachelor’s in English from India and Master’s (ABD) from UNA.   He loves to read and write, especially poetry. Pratik enjoys coffee & conversation and is passionate about serving  the community. He invests himself in understanding the needs of the modern world and the evolving spirituality within. Pratik is known to walk that extra mile to make others happy. If you ever meet… or when you meet him, Pratik will make you smile.

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