What I Learned from Robert and About Him

Four months prior to meeting Robert in Ljubljana, Slovenia, I had a dream about divorcing and marrying a new man on the same day. This profound experience truly challenged me, as I was quite lonely and expanding my spiritual endeavors.

When we met in a December 2000 seminar, we sustained a good professional association, though we began to email each other more and more sharing our thoughts, beliefs and who we were. These in-depth digital communiqués opened our hearts to each other. I realized that Robert is my complement partner in the male body. Our spirit realms, mental, emotional and social realms were reflecting the same or similar ideas, goals, creations, desires, visions… We met again in June in Switzerland to do a joint seminar when we first embraced our love. 

The more we communicated the more same interests we discovered: 

  • we were both double fire signs (Robert Leo with Aries rising; Zeljka Aries, with Leo rising)
  • we both had healing gifts
  • we were both clairvoyant
  • we were both writing poems, meditations, and books
  • we both had similar purposes and destinies
  • we both love to teach others and had big groups of people around us
  • we were both performing seminars
  • we were both very passionate about life
  • we were both in the stage of life ready to reach our God/Goddess partner 

In 2003, under the Bridalveil Falls in Yosemite National Park, we married. Since then we became one, divinely united, and we feel at odds when we are momentarily apart.

I learned about Robert:

  • I fell in love with his wisdom. He is the only person I could talk, discuss and explore the depths of consciousness, the universe, other unknown worlds, parallel lives, life and death, the psychology of DNA and much more…
  • He is a great and gifted writer
  • A very peaceful and humble person
  • Has a big heart filled with lots of love
  • Very giving and loves to share, not thinking about rewards
  • He has a flexible intellect, easily adjusts and understands others
  • His uniquely developed female aspect understands and balances women’s energy

I learned from Robert:

  • To be me
  • To express and live my Goddess aspects
  • To be in Peace most of the time
  • To Let go
  • To Live in the now

With our programs we developed and grew our celestial personalities, even more, expressing universal truths about who we are and bringing awareness about the complexity of universal life to the world.

Our togetherness created our ZeRo Program (Ze are 2 first letters from name Zeljka, and Ro is 2 first letters from name Robert). In this program, we united our complement and diverse gifts to create a program that covers different aspects and depths of healing.

At the forefront of our work lays the compilation of our DNA Activation Self-Healing Program. With my influence upon Robert’s original book Change You DNA, Change Your Life, which became an international bestseller, new information about the integration of the Masculine and Feminine Energies of Life received full attention. By traveling and performing seminars worldwide, we realized that our balance integrated approach actually affected how our DNA redirects us to achieve a higher-life standard toward earthly divination. 

We have relocated to a small resort and scenic town in Croatia along the Adriatic Coast. Living here will provide a peaceful environment to channel and share our Spiritual Gifts and to continue our loving relationship.

ZeljkaMs. Roksandic began her working career as a teacher. She has served in conjunction with the UNESCO “Healthy City” Program after the civil war in Yugoslavia teaching Self-Help Techniques.  She earned a B.A. in Curriculum Development (1978) and English Language and Literature (1983) at the University of Zadar, Croatia.

Born with the gift to heal, she developed her healing methods continuously over many years.  Ms. Roksandic is a Reiki Grand Master. She practices Traditional Usui Reiki, Reiki Crystal Therapy, Color Therapy, Regression in Parallel Lives, Magnified Healing, Silva Method, Advanced Metaphysics Healing, Psychocybernetics of Essenes, Biorgonomy, and DNA Activation Healing Techniques, and now focuses mostly on the ZeRo Point Healing Technologies Program and ICON CODE TECHNIQUESTM.

Ms. Roksandic has become renowned throughout Croatia, Slovenia, Holland, Russia, Turkey, Greece, Ukraine and the United States as a gifted and humble lecturer and healer. She sustains a private healing/counseling practice and offers a variety of healing programs and workshops internationally.

She has co-authored Divine Quick-Fix Healings, Icon Code TechniquesTM, Icon Power for Kids, the Health Acceleration Kit for Pets, and Hands of Peace books with Dr. Robert Gerard.

Zeljka and Robert married in 2003, under Bridalveil Falls, In Yosemite National Park in California, forming a dynamic healing team that serves the general public worldwide.

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  • Reply January 6, 2020

    Susan D Peters

    What a love story! looking for my Mr. Right. Glad you both found one another!

  • Reply January 24, 2020


    Well, thank you. Our marriage remains an evolving story. The humor here is that we saved ove 1,000 emails and contemplating doing a book on it.

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