Wisdom: To Have or Not To Have

Original Artwork by Carol Landry

Original Artwork by Carol Landry

I found this quote many years ago, “You can’t know what you don’t know, you don’t know.” The beginning of true wisdom is the awareness that you and I don’t know much. Once we realize how much we don’t know, the opportunity for learning arises. Being open to learning is a cornerstone for wisdom.

Learning from personal experience can create deep wisdom. However this will only happen if you and I are able to approach experience as an opportunity to learn. This is simple but not easy. The most powerful lessons often come from difficult situations. It takes practice to be able to step back in consciousness and ask, “What am I to learn from this trauma?” Often, it requires like-minded friends to hold you up during times of crisis. Wisdom means creating this network and playing your own part, being of service, within the group. We also learn wisdom from lifting others up and from observing their processes.

We don’t have to experience a broken leg to know we don’t want one. We learn this from observation. So wisdom is also being observant, paying attention, living life in the Now rather than the past and the future. For many years I had no experience of the now, I wallowed in past hurts and lived for, “when this happens all will be well.” I didn’t increase my store of wisdom during that time. Did I learn from that time, am I wiser now because of that time? Absolutely. The experience of those years gives validity to the spiritual and personal growth teachings I have come to embrace. Been there, done that, don’t have to repeat that class!

As a spiritual leader and teacher, I am aware how often we speak and teach as if we know the Truth. Wisdom is understanding none of us know the Truth. We have personal understanding at a certain level, and as many have fortunately discovered, that understanding grows over time. Our verbalization of Truth as we grow changes, develops in depth and awareness. Even those who have had direct experience with All That Is, must remember they only have human language, and the ability of others to comprehend, to be able to share that experience.

Wisdom is knowing, maybe trusting is more accurate, when to grasp opportunity that is handed to you. I am living a “kingdom of heaven” experience right now. It began the other day as I was reading, being reminded that my native soul, my true being is always in and of the kingdom. I spent some time, just a few minutes, meditating and opening myself, and things have been progressing from there. It has the feeling of magic, something outside of reality, yet it is reality as are seeking to understand and experience it. No wonder people get confused when Spirit flows so smoothly and operates outside of our three dimensional experience.

In this process wisdom is holding our selves back from making demands from our limited human experience perception. As we place demands on this power, or call it requests, we build walls of our own perceptions. It is tricky business, trusting the power, however one may refer to it, to know our deep desires and bring fulfillment in ways greater than our current level of understanding. However, this is truly wisdom.

– Carol Landry

Carol LRev. Carol Landry is Minister of Unity Church on the Mountain and a community activist that touches the universe. As Program Manager for Interfaith Mission Service in Huntsville, AL she develops and leads programs bringing people of diverse religious backgrounds to work together in the community. She is interested in Human Rights, Civil Rights, Social Action, Art and Culture.


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